How to land the most beautiful woman in the world award

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Is it your devilishly great looks – you know, the perfectly pouted lips and bodacious curves; the daunting kissable lips, filled with collagen surprise–or is it that perfectly bleached Colgate smile? Ladies, I have just recently learnt that there is still some sort of natural beauty beliefs in this world and landing that envious award does not in fact mean we as woman have to look the part but in fact empower the part.

After researching a few topics to write about, I came across this huge debate of Jennifer Aniston and her 2nd time nomination of being the world’s most beautiful woman in People magazine’s opinion and found many to disagree with their choice. Seriously, I have admired Jennifer Aniston since the day I realised heartbreak was a thing and a night of unrealistic romance movies with a tub of ice cream and jar of peanut butter would fix that disaster right up. I shook my head in disbelief that feminists would pick out all her flaws to find reason as to why People Magazine may have made a mistake in choice, whilst others maintained a good debate as to why she was perfectly suited.

As quoted from The Federalist, by Carol Van Meter-McDougal “Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful woman we could look like without losing ourselves” ; she goes on to explain that there are two types of ‘pretty’ in this world, “Guy-Pretty ” and “Girl-Pretty”, which in her observational humor, made perfectly good sense.

  • Guy-pretty women, are the kind of women whom men want to be with, and are therefore women who bear traits that men find exemplary in women, traits that are generally associated with sexuality—pouty lips, a curvy figure, and a general “come hither” look, or at least a look that doesn’t scream “I smell like cats.”
  • Girl-pretty women, on the other hand, are the kind of women that other women want to be like, and are therefore women bearing traits that we ladies find exemplary in ourselves, traits like a fit but not surgically enhanced body, eyes that say “confident but not arrogant,” and a general aura of “flirty but not skanky.”

I’m going to be honest and admit that the above mentioned is a little vague and judgemental; don’t get me wrong- I love big lips and busty curves, I mean Sofia Vergara would definitely be my 2nd idol as the most beautiful, but when its boiled down to whom would help woman of the world feel like they can relate and look up to these stars. I’d say that Jennifer Aniston definitely takes the “Cake” (no pun intended), she’s not only beautiful when it comes to her looks: such as her eyes, her sun kissed skin and perfectly maintained hair, which has most of us wishing she’d shave it off and share those iconic locks with us. She has the most inspiring way of presenting herself and her views which makes it comforting for us ‘Plain Janes’ to know that we don’t have to be surgically modified to be noticed.

Conclusion –if they had to nominate Sofia Vergara as the most beautiful woman of the world there would be an outcry from feminist all over because we just simply cannot be that perfect. Imagine the insecurities and pin pointers then?

Tip to achieving this award –be your own beautiful woman of your world. Be you’re your own inspiration and keep in mind that there are admirers everywhere.

Sincerely, Nicole


I Didn’t Wear Makeup For 10 Days – The Results?

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Not so shocking really.

I challenged myself to not wear makeup for 10 whole days; literally not a drop of foundation, concealer, lipstick or mascara- nothing! na-da!

So, at first (please have a sense of humour whilst reading this), my reaction was: “Who is this person?”, “Oh, there you are!” and “Is this what you look like!”. The reaction from my co-workers were just as priceless! The comments varied from “What’s wrong with you?”, “What is wrong with your face?”, “Did you cry the whole night?” and “Are you depressed?”. Some were very supportive of it and reassured me “I didn’t look too bad” and that I shouldn’t give up. I cannot help but to have a little chuckle while writing this.

I am going to be completely honest; wearing no makeup for 10 days didn’t make a huge difference on my skin as that was part of the whole intention behind this challenge; but, it made a huge difference of the way I see myself- I actually saw myself. Sure, it was a nice feeling washing my face in the evening and feeling fresh and not being afraid to rub my eyes without smudging “the fleekness off”.

Makeup really does make a huge difference to a person’s look, but it does not mean you are degraded or your self esteem must be lowered without it. Makeup is used to enhance your features, not hide it.

I want to encourage women to not wear makeup for a day or two just to remind you of how beautiful you really are (without the makeup). Not because people require you ‘not to wear makeup’, but because you want to; and once you’ve seen the real you again, enhance it, flaunt it and be it.

Join the #PowerOfMakeUp trend to fight back against #MakeUpShaming.


Till next time,

Your Guide To The Classic Cat-Eye Look:

Cat Eye

The classic cat eye will simply forever be in style, it is after all the most elegant and sophisticated go-to-look. Unfortunately not all of us can pull it off. It took me probably, literally a year to master this signature look. So, I thought I’d share my go-to guide to the cat-eye look:

Getting Started

First you need to make sure your eyelids are free of any leftover mascara from the previous night. Use concealer of a little bit of foundation on your lids and swipe a little bit of Vaseline over them for a fresh look.

Step 1:

I recommend a liquid liner pen or thin brush with eyeliner kohl to simplify the cat-eye. Use your index finger to pull the outer corner of your upper lash line until your lash line forms a straight line.

Step 2:

Rather than starting from the inner corner of your eye, start in the middle with the liner and then move outwards till the end of the lash line, keep it as close to your lash line as possible.

Step 3:

Releasing your lid to its original form, use the liquid pen at the end your upper lash line and flick it upwards to create the wing.

Step 4:

Starting again in the middle, draw the line till it meets the end of the wing. (Remember to pull the outer corner to straighten the lid to make this move easier.)

Step 5:

Fill in the middle to complete the cat-eye.

Step 6:

Use the top of the mascara brush to rim out the top of your lash lines. (It stays on longer than the normal pencil eye-liner). Just be careful, as we all know the excruciating pain of being poked in the eye by a mascara brush.

Final Touch:

Swipe on some mascara on your both your upper and lower lashes, and add a dab of red lipstick on your lips to finish off the classic cat-eye look.

Professional tip:

“My favourite cat-eye hack is to use the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for the angle of the wing. Act like the wing is just the extension of that line, and you’ll have symmetrical flicks every time.”

Professional Make-Up Artist – Lauren O’Jea
via Women’s Health