Queue the awkward silence – or don’t.

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I don’t know if anyone has noticed – but are people still having real ‘getting to know each other conversations’?

I don’t know – sometimes when I meet people it is the most awkward thing (because I am an introvert and yes, I am one of the most awkward people you’ll ever meet). Every time it’s the same thing over and over and I think with that I have become so used to it- I know what the person is going to ask and quite frankly I don’t want to tell him/her for the millionth time about my job and whether I enjoy it or not – because quite frankly not everybody really cares.

It has become such a force of habit when meeting people, the first two questions are: ‘What’s your name’ and ‘What do you do for a living’, people have lost interest in really listening. They then switch on talking about themselves and as soon as there is no resonation either one of the two awkwardly walks away. (Yes that would be me awkwardly sipping on my drink as I walk away.)

Look, I am not saying everybody is like that – and I realize I might be at fault too. Why don’t I make more effort in the conversation? But really – what do you talk about when you’re stuck in a dead-end job and kind of feel like you’re not as interesting as you really are; no one is interested in that.

I decided to write this post and suggest ideas for topics and ways for a conversation to not be as dreadful. I did research on this don’t worry:

4 Ideas to Make a Conversation Not-So Dreadful:


Listening is key to any form of communication you encounter. People have become so focused on what they are going to say next that they forget to listen. When you listen, your reply will come naturally and the conversation will flow easily.

Body Language:

It is important to note the body language of the person you are talking to. When you are talking about something and the other person looks uncomfortable, chances are, they are. So try and swiftly change the convo.

Ask meaningful questions:

I am not saying you must share your previous relationship details with the person you’ve just met, but ask questions that you are really interested in knowing. Previous experiences, music taste, interests, goals and dreams. Lately people have become more comfortable about talking about their previous relationships – so if the convo leads to that and you both feel comfortable enough on sharing, why the hell not?

Be Positive:

If you are friendly and have a positive vibe about you, people will more likely be able to approach and talk you.

Topics to talk about:

Here are a few topics to talk about, other than the weather:

Current events: What new movies, albums and books are being released? What band will be performing live? So you can learn whether you have equal interests.

Views/Religion: I suggest keep religion to a minimum as most discussions on that can become heated. Perhaps informing the other person about your religion and Vice Versa will be enough until time progresses. Views on the other hand are interesting features which make you unique. It’ll give a better understanding of each other, to each other.

Love: It might be a sensitive topic, but it is always interesting to find out if a person is a hopeless romantic or a cynic. The reasons behind each choice might be surprising.

Friends: Perhaps you have few mutual friends, which means you will probably meet up again soon.

I am sure when the conversation is flowing, everything will fall together. Remember to ask for a number to stay in touch.

Look, I am also not implying that if you are out in the club you must throw out all the deep shit. Let’s be honest, guys and girls are there to party, drink and have a good time; then you will get the 2% who are out looking for a suitable partner in the club. You don’t need these tips when you are intoxicated, the alcohol does the talking for you. (We’ve all been there). So, if you are like me, awkward and sort of an introvert – please don’t turn to alcohol for your better judgement. Thus the reason I wrote this post – so you can face the situation head-on.

You’ve got this. (I’ll try it too)




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