Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 – Day 3

 As a lover of everything fashion, I was lucky enough to attend the iconic well known Mercedes-Benz fashion week thanks to a friend that happened to have a spare ticket to give away- and from a fashionista’s point of view, it’s an offer we cannot afford to turn down.

Surrounded by iconic people and their need for trendsetting, it wasn’t the glitz and glamour that stood out to me, but in fact the complete opposite. It was the freedom of expression that these fashion shows allow one to express through mere material and designs. The different types of personalities or alter egos, if you will- are what make these fashion shows an unforgettable experience.

Below are some of my favourite pieces that I took out of the 3rd show:


1 2

The Fabulous Grapevine, definitely holds there motto up high when it comes to keeping their designs timeless and sophisticated. As a small town girl myself, I was definitely feeling their urban big city girl realm in every piece that walked down that runway. As seen above, the Classy Burgundy Dress sweeps nothing but flawless off the tip of this beautiful model’s shoulder, whom definitely strutted her stuff down the runway.

3 4

Our next two models definitely swept the crowd practically off their feet. Who would have thought this type of pattern would actually be so flattering to one’s body. From ‘Classy Chic’ to ‘Dazzling Diva’ these designs were definitely ones for the books.

 Khomotjo Malatji, we’re just as proud of you and your work as baby is.




:7 6

Feeling all contemporary vibes, Leigh Schubert definitely gave us a taste of real Urban Chic. I personally loved the hints of electric blue and luminous yellow as well as the patterns that she had incorporated into each individual garment. These lovely ladies looked absolutely comfortable yet classy, who knew being laid back could look so elegant?

8 9


These two pieces were definitely my favourite out of the Leigh Schubert collection. Their figure form and drape -look definitely gives one the sense of comfort yet smart and sexy feel- pair it with a good pair of block sandal heels and your definitely in for an elegant night .

As Leigh Schubert said in an interview with AFI TV on her collection: “I took a journey into the launch of my brand so there’s a bit of African in it , a bit of me and a bit of adventure in it “.

Cheers, Schubert! You definitely made our future more adventurous; much brighter than expected!



11 12

Have no fear for Carducci is near; Damsels in Distress, your rescue is definitely looking extremely tailor made and by that we mean, well suited up and ready for the taking. We loved the navy blue and light shade of mustard / brown paired with a patterned scarf as well as the model carrying out the look, hash tag absolutely gorgeous!!!

13 14

Whilst attempting to contain myself, I noticed that the beard trend is definitely bigger than we thought. As Carducci mentioned: “It’s for the gentlemen that love the finer things in life, because it’s all about fine tailoring .“ This casual wear spoke for itself and we’re excited for these finer things mentioned, aren’t we ladies?


So to conclude my fabulous night out in the beautful city of Johannesburg, Id like to give a big thanks to my friend who gave me the opportunity to attend my first fashion show event. There will sure be more to come and more articles regarding them to follow.

Love ,

(Image Credit: The Sunday Times)



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