It’s Official!

(Image Credit: WeHeartIt)

After a long time of talking, debating and deciding whether we should start a blog together- we have finally decided to take the leap; we officially decided to embark on this journey of blogging.

From Tasia:

Let’s be honest, having a blog isn’t easy; it isn’t easy to find the time to write, to find topics to write about, nor find the audience you are looking for. For those who know me, they know I have a passion for writing, social media and beauty; in this whirlwind called life, it is difficult to maintain your dreams while you have to survive adulthood. I started a blog a few years ago, posted every now and then when I found inspiration, but more often than not became less than likely for me to post. I then found my beautiful friend who also has big dreams, whom also gets stuck in reality like the majority of us dreamers do.

From Nicole:

After meeting my wonderlust friend, it dawned on me that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously- it should be enjoyed and embraced with everything that you have available to you . I started a blog called “Chasing Dandelions” which represented everything life and chasing dreams but sadly I got cold feet and terminated the account. For those of you who know me, know that I am a huge lover of fashion and outdoor wonders. I love the way one can express their individualism through what they wear and have the confidence in being that person and as for the outdoors, you’re never short of inspiration and pure fun.

From Us:

We are starting this blog with the goal of showing readers that you can be two different people, but chase the same dream. Obviously you can tell than our writing styles differ, which we think will bring a form of unique qualities to our blog.

There is still a lot of unfinished tasks to our blog, but we knew if we didn’t start is now, we probably might never have started. Slowly but surely we are going to improve the blog as time goes on. We just ask for your support throughout our journey, as that will mean a great deal to us.

We will keep you posted.


Nicole & Tasia xoxo


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