I Didn’t Wear Makeup For 10 Days – The Results?

(Image credit: @camilaxmorales )

Not so shocking really.

I challenged myself to not wear makeup for 10 whole days; literally not a drop of foundation, concealer, lipstick or mascara- nothing! na-da!

So, at first (please have a sense of humour whilst reading this), my reaction was: “Who is this person?”, “Oh, there you are!” and “Is this what you look like!”. The reaction from my co-workers were just as priceless! The comments varied from “What’s wrong with you?”, “What is wrong with your face?”, “Did you cry the whole night?” and “Are you depressed?”. Some were very supportive of it and reassured me “I didn’t look too bad” and that I shouldn’t give up. I cannot help but to have a little chuckle while writing this.

I am going to be completely honest; wearing no makeup for 10 days didn’t make a huge difference on my skin as that was part of the whole intention behind this challenge; but, it made a huge difference of the way I see myself- I actually saw myself. Sure, it was a nice feeling washing my face in the evening and feeling fresh and not being afraid to rub my eyes without smudging “the fleekness off”.

Makeup really does make a huge difference to a person’s look, but it does not mean you are degraded or your self esteem must be lowered without it. Makeup is used to enhance your features, not hide it.

I want to encourage women to not wear makeup for a day or two just to remind you of how beautiful you really are (without the makeup). Not because people require you ‘not to wear makeup’, but because you want to; and once you’ve seen the real you again, enhance it, flaunt it and be it.

Join the #PowerOfMakeUp trend to fight back against #MakeUpShaming.


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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Wear Makeup For 10 Days – The Results?

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    Aw this is such a good idea!! Love this post would be amazing if you could check out my latest post too xxx

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