Be Inspired, by Yourself


We often look for inspirations outside of our comfort-zones, which is of course where we should look and where we will find inspiration majority of the time. Mine for instance is, going outside in the evening, looking at the night sky with the moonlight and millions of stars among it and realizing how much more there is to life. But, it had me thinking, inspiration is everywhere to be found and we look in all the places except within ourselves.

Sure, you haven’t been as successful as you had hoped you will be in this certain time in your life, but you most definitely have achieved more than you think you did. Like the famous quote of “It is funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back a lot have changed”- surely does its purpose; it may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere, but take a step back and take a look at your life, the things you have achieved- no matter how small they are, like: living in your own apartment (that you are paying), having your own car (which you bought), finishing a course you started and even meeting new people- those are all achievements you have made along the way.

You had hoped to step into the life you had always imagined after school or college, but you aren’t there yet. These things take time, focus on what you want to accomplish and always keep in mind the things that you have accomplished, as those little accomplishments are the motivation and inspiration you can always look back on when inspiration is nowhere to be found.

One thing is for sure in life: nothing comes easy and some people are luckier just than other. But, don’t doubt yourself, you really do know more than you think you do.


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