What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

It makes you think, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, then let it; because those words might just be what give you the courage to kick your fears in the face.

After I read that, I imagined myself doing all the things that I want to, but I cut fear completely out of the picture: I imagined myself presenting a show, in front of a massive audience, and there were photographers and I was dining and wining with famous successful and powerful women who wouldn’t let anyone stand in their way and who are making a difference in the world. I pictured myself living the ultimate dream of a successful women’s magazine editor, who had the privilege of going to exclusive parties and traveling the world, just because she could.

So, it’s clear, that one of my fears, or I shan’t really say fear, but I absolutely despise having to be prepared in front of a crowd. And not at all am I an introvert to use that as any cloaking method as to why I do not like to be in front of people. I love people, and I can talk in front/ with them at ease- but for some reason, as soon as I have to do a presentation for them, I cannot bear to be in front of them whatsoever- I reckon it’s mind over matter, and that expectations are being set and I am afraid that I won’t meet them, because I am afraid of disappointments- so thus, I do mind.

Point I am trying to make is, we all have fears, and how often do those fears stand in our way of actually achieving what we want or no, let me rephrase- what we can. We choose then rather to return to our comfort zone, to an environment and circumstances we know and are familiar with- but tell me, what greatness has ever come out of your living room, or bedroom, or bar, or just whatever you feel familiar with that hasn’t brought you anything but the same shit day after day? I reckon it is time that we (yes, including myself), do maybe one thing per day, that you normally wouldn’t do- take a risk. Even if it means starting small, by starting a conversation with the person you are crushing on or just sending out your CV to a company that could possibly be the first step on walking towards your goal. We never know what could happen, you could end up marrying that person and being the CEO of that company- the possibilities are endless and it’s time we realize that.

We should stop being afraid, fear is only an illusion. So for every time you face something you are afraid of, don’t imagine the people naked, because why do you want to imagine that, if you can imagine yourself fearless.

By tasi13 (Tasia Brummer)