Matthew Mole: South African Star

The first time that I saw Matthew Mole live, was at Parklife South Africa, where local artists from South Africa would perform, mostly indie and folk music- absolutely magical! Nonetheless, my friend and I knew who Matthew Mole was, but, embarrassed to say, when we arrived at the stage where he played, we had no idea that it was him, although, we both fell madly in love with his music (and him) but, we only realized when he played his hit single “Autumn” that it was, in actual fact him.

After seeing him live, I took the pleasure of listening to his album, The Home That We Built: which was the first South African debut album to reach No.1 on iTunes album chart , and shall I say or rather describe it as touching, uplifting, and well, just damn-right beautiful? He describes his music as folk sound and influenced by Mumford and Sons (*gasp*), as told from an interview on Just Music South Africa.

The Wedding Song, Take Yours and I’ll Take Mine, Free and Untorn, We In You Confide and Autumn, are my personal favorites from the album. His music, like any folk artist, is comforting and tells stories we can all relate to, with added electronic sound in the background, how can one not indulge themselves in his music? If you haven’t, I recommend you do.

His humble, energetic (and adorable) stage presence really is admirable. He is a one man show, who plays the guitar and ukulele beautifully added by drumbeats all by himself. What you hear on the radio- you hear on the stage.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from his songs:

“So take these words, and make them right, so one day you and I, will write our names in the sky” – Take Yours and I’ll Take Mine

“Heaven made your hand, to compliment my hand, like heaven made my heart to compliment your heart. Heaven gave you love, to compliment my love, so one day we will love the way that God intended for us” – The Wedding Song

“It’s a heart love affair with the world, I will not conform” – Free and Untorn

“We all, fall down” – Autumn


Check out his music on YouTube under Matthew Mole. You won’t regret it. Well, I didn’t.

By tasi13 (Tasia Brummer)




Is it really you that is afraid of change, or not?

We all want it-, have attempted to make it, where some have miserably failed and other triumphantly succeeded.

Recently, I decided to make a change in my appearance (from long-brunette to shortish-blonde hair), after months of doubting, being ‘afraid’ and well, I think just listening to other people’s opinions, (Sure, some people’s opinions are important to you, but if you want to make a change, I reckon, they should encourage it, instead of the other way around), because I figured I am just going to do what I want to. I will never know if I don’t try and I just steered away from the negativity and discouragement. It might seem like an odd example to state my opinion, but it got me thinking.

Encouragement of any sort is important in life- whether it is regarding change, love, opportunities or whatever the case might be; we all need encouragement to actually do what we want. We do actually know what we want in life, we just need someone to say “GO FOR IT”.

So, I, (for those who are in need of encouragement, and don’t be afraid to admit it, we are all human), encourage you to make the change you have been yearning to make; a change that will benefit you, teach you to make you wiser or just to make you happier.

“Don’t be afraid of change”

By tasi13

“Learn to say no without explaining yourself”

When I came across this quote online I immediately knew I had to share it, because how often do we find ourselves explaining our “no’s” to people who hardly even give a shit or will just believe what they want to in anyway.

Therefore, after seeing that quote, I realized that is totally unnecessary and irrelevant for one to explain themselves after saying no to what someone might have hoped you’d say yes to or just assumed you will. I think the reasons why we tend to explain ourselves are that we are afraid of disappointing someone and our fear of being disliked and misunderstood, so we explain (or tell) them what they want to hear, or what we want them to hear; but you see, in the end, people will believe what they want in anyway, they will dislike who they want in anyway and some of us will always, always be misunderstood in anyway.

So stop explaining, you don’t owe anyone anything. Do what you want, it is your life- you know what is right, wrong, your beliefs and morals; don’t let anyone dictate that.

View the quote here: The Indie Chicks

By tasi13 (Tasia Brummer)