How to beat #FOMO

FOMO: Fear of missing out.

Some have it, some had it and some are lucky enough just not to give a damn. So bare with me if you are a part of the ones who actually DO have it.

Needless to say, it is a Saturday night and I am choosing to stay in, nonetheless, fearing of missing out is a shitty thing to have. I mean, in the end you go out only just to be like:


But, whenever something comes up, and you know exactly how it will end up and yet you choose to think it will be different; kind of like going back to an ex boyfriend or throwing in #YOLO (Guilty)  when you know, neither your energy or wallet can bare another repetitive evening as the previous. Don’t get me wrong, obviously no nights out are the same- but in most cases some of us would have rather stayed in and watched movies or do things that could have actually benefitted us for the next day, instead of having to recover from a dreaded hangover. But no, we choose to think that: “If we’re not there, something absolutely amazing is going to happen”.

Newsflash, to myself as well (I like to share my epiphanies, once I get them), it’s time to put yourself first and prioritise, and I reckon, if you do just that, the fear will slowly disappear, nonetheless; it is important to maintain your relationships with your friends.

As you have established, I also have a FOMO, But I want to put these few tricks to the test:

Treat yourself, not your friends

So, instead of going out, second time in a row, rather choose to do things you don’t get around to in the week, pamper yourself: do your nails, wash your hair or just get some sleep you’ve been missing out on.


I am pretty sure that if you start out throwing out all your unwanted clothing, or busy fooling around with things you have forgotten about; your FOMO will disappear, and with that, you’re actually getting some stuff done.

Make a budget

By doing this you can plan your expenses and know whether you can afford to go out “just once more” or by using the money you would’ve spent, to buy yourself a new pair of shoes or piece of clothing you’ve been eyeing.

Find your hobbies

Instead of going out, and knowing what will happen- take some time and do what you really enjoy doing; pick up that book that has been covered in dust or watch your favourite series, and finally find out what happens next. If you’re not into those kind of stuff, do whatever tickles your fancy- maybe even take on a new hobby, the options are endless.


We all know that in our busy schedule, we don’t see our family as much as we would have liked to, but make a point of it to invite/join your family for dinner to catch up- nothing beats bonding-time.

Remember what is important

Is it more important to go out with your friends than finishing an assignment, studying for an important test or a family dinner? Whatever the case might be: Prioritise.

By tasi13 ( Tasia Brummer )


Get lost and go find yourself

“Once you lose yourself, you have two choices:
find the person you used to be, or lose that person completely.”
– Brooke Davis 

In a world where we are all so caught up in our daily routines, chasing deadlines, reaching for our dreams and just trying to keep all our loved ones satisfied, we often tend to lose focus on ourselves and what we really deserve in life.

Being in the same place and doing the same routine repeatedly, makes it difficult for one to really discover their capabilities. There are so much more to life than what we experience daily; life is short and fast, enjoy it by knowing you are truly who you are set out to be.

Maybe these few tricks can help you discover a better, future you:


 Go on a road-trip

Go somewhere you have never been before, or –where you would like to go. By doing this you will meet different people and discover new places; experiencing that can give you an idea of what you like or don’t like.

 Try new hangout spots

Change your usual Friday night-out from: “Let’s go PPAARRTTYY”, to something more spontaneous. Go somewhere you and your friends have never thought of going, or try out a new restaurant –maybe you’ll discover a new favorite dish!

 Travel back in time

Look at old photos and memories, to remind you of the person you once were, and what expectations you had for yourself at that stage in your life; look at how you have changed and think of the expectations you have for yourself now; are they really what YOU want?

 Pay it forward

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

Traveling to less-fortunate places can make you realize how fortunate you are for what you already have. Regardless, you don’t have to travel to do good for others; just by giving something to a homeless person can help them -and you will find joy in knowing you CAN make a difference, by doing something good for others! 


 Try new hobbies/activities

By succeeding in something you have never even thought of doing, can not only boost your confidence, but you’ll discover unhidden talents you never even thought you had!

 Try a new style

‘Comfortably you’ of course! We don’t want you to try out a style that you are completely uncomfortable with. Change to a style that you are comfortable in and expresses who you are as person. By doing this you can identify which clothes embraces- or hides your flaws.

Listen to new music

We all love Lana del Rey, because her music is oh-so-relatable; but why not try out a new type of genre you have never of heard before? Who knows, maybe you will discover a new favourite band!

Now, go on, get lost!

By tasi13 ( Tasia Brummer)

#Selfies: Love- or hate it, you are a part of it.

Selfies have become viral around the world, which I don’t see anything particularly wrong with it. My friends call me a “selfie queen”, because, well, (guilty) I like taking selfies; and to be truthfully honest who doesn’t? Those who haven’t taken a snapshot of themselves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook yet. Yet, being the key word, because sooner or later, even the selfie-haters will become a part of the evolution.

Taking selfies doesn’t necessarily mean you are vain or egotistical, maybe a few years back yes, but, times are changing, and we need to change with it, otherwise we will be left behind. Taking a selfie can also mean that you are so comfortable with yourself that you don’t mind taking pictures of yourself in your favourite outfit or just because your feel pretty-damn-fabulous that day! There is by no means anything wrong with loving yourself a little bit too much, that you feel you need to share it with the world; besides, if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect the world to?

That’s the awesome thing about selfies, you share your photos, and only come to realize that people actually like it; as if the selfie evolution has made humans understand and accept each other more, before Instagram or Twitter existed. That is the beauty of social networks, they make you feel as if you belong, as if you are not alone, because, you aren’t.  

But, in the end, we all belong, with- or without our hundred selfies in this world.

By tasi13 (Tasia Brummer)